why we exist

We help young people stay fit and active while learning about their physical wellbeing. We teach them how to self-regulate their own emotions and behaviour and give families a chance to bond and spend quality time together. We do this by creating tailored programmes, classes and workshops combining yoga, mindfulness and social emotional development activities.

We target vulnerable and disadvantaged young people and families that cannot afford to go to a yoga or mindfulness class. As well as this, still providing services for people that can afford to pay.

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We have designed a curriculum that translates ancient scientific yogic philosophies into a language young people can understand and use to combat issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, behavioural and emotional difficulties, low self-esteem, poor concentration and obesity. We incorporate physical education, breathing techniques, social emotional learning activities and mindfulness.


We exist to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the younger generation by teaching them the benefits of yoga and mindfulness through breathing techniques, postures, meditation and mindfulness. We believe that yoga and mindfulness can have a profound effect on both the body and the mind. With regular practice, young people can find themselves more able to place stressful issues into a more manageable context. Our vision is to teach these practices to help young people lead healthy, wholesome lives.




We aim to provide a long-term solution young people can grow with and understand. Giving them the tools to aid mental, physical and emotional concerns. We use unique and engaging activities, combining them with social emotional wellbeing, yoga and mindfulness practices.