why it matters

Yoga and Mindfulness are beneficial practices for young people, especially teenagers, as the adolescent years can be very difficult for some. Studies have shown that yoga and mindfulness are both cost efficient preventions, interventions, and self-esteem boosters for young people. They have been proven to boost self-esteem, aid decision making, and improve test results. 


What Are The Benefits?


Yoga makes you feel better overall. Practising breathing techniques, postures and meditation can help young people restore their health and wellbeing. Research shows that yoga helps manage and control many mental, physical and emotional issues.


      Yoga for young people can help:

  • Reduce stress, tension and anxiety

  • Increase confidence, self-esteem and motivation

  • Improve focus and concentration

  • Increase awareness of actions and emotions

  • Encourage health during development

  • Help self-regulation

  • Develop strength, flexibility and stamina






Mindfulness allows young people to become aware of the present moment and pay particular attention to their thoughts, feelings and sensations. It has been found to reduce problems such as anxiety, depression and negative thoughts.


      Mindfulness can help young people to:

  • Recognise, slow down or stop automatic and habitual reactions

  • Respond more effectively to difficult situations

  • See situations more clearly

  • Become more creative

  • Achieve balance and resilience