Yoga for children and teens is growing in popularity. Children’s classes are taught in community centres, yoga studios, at after-school clubs and are now accepted in many UK schools as part of their curriculum. Parents have experienced the benefits of yoga and want their children to have the opportunity to experience the same.

Children’s lives are becoming more stressful socially, at school and at home. Childhood obesity is on the rise and children’s mental well-being is a concern for parents and school staff.

Parents and teachers are starting to recognise the mind and body benefits of yoga for young people, which can help regulate emotions, increase concentration and provides an alternative to competitive sports.

A yoga class for children might include a few recognisable yoga postures, games and storytelling. Classes are adapted to bring an element of fun, whilst still including breathing exercises, meditation, visualization and relaxation. A teen yoga class may be very similar to an adult yoga practise but with a creative twist.

We hope that yoga will be integrated into all schools and that parents include their children in their own personal practise. This way we will have a generation of young people empowered to make healthy choices.


Here are five ways you can get your child practising yoga.

  1. Practise around your children

    Why not do yoga at home in front of your children. There are many live online yoga studios that bring classes to your home, children are naturally curious and may want to join in.

  2. Make it fun

    Stick with playful poses and maybe try some inversions as children love to attempt headstands and the wheel. Please be caution when doing these positions.

  3. Free trial

    Make them try before you buy. Many yoga teachers and studios offer free taster classes which gives children a chance to familiarise themselves with yoga without any pressure of you committing them to it.

  4. Buy them a mat

    Children can get excited over receiving a gift. A yoga mat could be a perfect present. They may be more inclined to practise with a mat of their own. Hopefully their practise will develop into a habit.

  5. Strike a pose

    Yoga has really grown on social media platforms, especially Instagram. There are many monthly yoga challenges that people take part in. Try and bring yoga into your daily lives by having your own pose of the day that you and your children can do.