Mindfulness is fast becoming a popular practice that is helping children as well as adults to combat anxiety. It teaches us how to pay attention to one particular thing by focusing in on our sensory perceptions. Mindfulness is a way of exploring things from a different perception, it is a way to build awareness without judgement. No good, no bad, no wrong, no right, just learning to see things just as they are.

Mindfulness is paying attention to your life, here and now, with kindness and curiosity. The practice teaches students how to pay attention, and this way of paying attention can enhance both academic and social-emotional development. It can bring changes to ones mental wellbeing and thinking patterns. All of the benefits that come from practicing mindfulness are not just theories either. Research suggests mindfulness and mindfulness mediation can actually change areas of the brain engaged in the practice as well as controlling specific brain waves.

I’m sure most parents want their children to be relaxed, creative and alert, especially during school days. Finding focus in this fast paced world can be very difficult. Mindfulness can help young people to foster the skills needed to better handle stressful situations.

Why is mindfulness good for kids? Studies suggest mindfulness can boost self-esteem, encourage positive behaviour, aid and improve classroom learning and reduce anxiety, depression and mental health. There are many ways you can teach mindfulness to young people, here are a few.

If you start your children will join in.

Make Mindfulness a part of your daily schedule and your children will most likely get into the habit of practicing it with you.

Keep it simple.

Look for simple, short exercises you can do with your children.

Make it fun.

Introduce Mindful games. Use arts and crafts, music or instruments and make sure you keep it active.  

Get interactive.

Use things at home they can touch, feel and taste. There are also many apps you can download on your phone or tablet to help teach children simple Mindfulness techniques.

Get Mindful outside.

Go for Mindful walks and smell the grass, flowers and fresh air.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate mindfulness into children's daily lives. Help your child become happier, calmers and more alert.