We can teach yoga and mindfulness classes and workshops. We have also designed a specific curriculum for schools, collages and organisations. These can be taught for a full term or for the whole school year. 

These are our 4 main programmes.

Mindful Movements & Mentoring

This programme has been developed for vulnerable and low achieving students.

The Mindful Movements & Mentoring Programme helps students to work on their self-esteem, aspirations, motivation, wellbeing and overall self-development. As well as yoga and mindfulness we cover topics such as self-care, self-love, body image, emotional intelligence, life skills and healthy living. This project is targeted to vulnerable students, students suffering from social emotional difficulties, behaviour issues or special educational needs.

mindful Literacy

This programme has been developed for young people with low attainment levels.

The Mindful Literacy Programme uses mindfulness to help raise reading levels and writing skills. The mindfulness practices allow young people to gain control of any distractions, stress or anxiety and allowing more room in the mind to focus and concentrate on the task. We look at creative ways of delivering literacy, language and reading skills. The use of mindfulness in this project is complimentary and we monitor how it helps to improves attainment levels.

minding your mind

This is an 8-16 week programme.

Minding your Mind is an introduction to Mindfulness. It teachers Mindfulness in bitesize manageable chunks, helping to build resilience, attention, gratitude and kindness.

Yoga For pE

This is an alternative to the general sports lessons planned for PE. 

We teach yoga asanas, breathing techniques and relaxation to help young stay active and fit.