Yogarise Peckham

Yoga fundraising events

Yogarise is an award winning yoga studio and Yoga Alliance Centre of Excellence based in Peckham Rye’s Bussey Building. They opened their doors in 2014 to bring some of London’s top teachers to the area and offer a wide range of classes. 

We have partnered with them to bring yoga and mindfulness to teenagers who attend schools in Peckham. We run events from their studio space to help fundraise for the work that we do. 

With the many cuts in educational funding, it is becoming harder for schools to be able to offer these types of programmes. There are so many benefits our young people can gain from having access to services such as ours and we would like to be able to continue to offer them. Having partnerships like this one makes it possible. 


HERE for you for them

Mindfulness advice for the family

Here was created by Dana Dyksterhuis and Jen Armstrong to bring mindfulness stories, activities, tips and advice to parents, children and families. With her Master of Science in Developmental and Educational Psychology, along with support work, yoga and mindfulness training for children and families, Jen brings an incredible, compassionate mind-set when it comes to the power of positive influence. As a start-up founder and mum, Dana knows first-hand the amazing benefits of Jen’s expertise. So much so, the two are working together to bring “Here” to everyone.

Families will find mindful parenting advice, activities, resources and stories, as well as reflections and programs from yogis and mindful experts. Their aim is to become a go-to hub for parents and families to engage in relaxation, do some yoga with their child, read some mindful tips or articles on parenting, or simply gain ideas for mindful activities to do at home. Alongside this, it is a platform for promoting products, yoga classes, retreats, books etc. It’s an all-encompassing mindful movement for the whole family to benefit from.


Partners Past & Present