stretching bodies & minds


Our Mission

Our mission is to spread wellbeing to those that need it. Through yoga, mindfulness and social emotional development, we help young people and families live better, learn better and make better choices


Our Vision

Our vison is to see more young people learning and practising yoga and mindfulness in schools and in their communities. We want to support them with self-development, self-care, fitness and health, in the long run helping them to combat a range of mental, emotional and physical health issues.


our core values



Inner Wellbeing + Inner Peace = Inner Harmony.

We teach the skills of self-acceptance and self-empowerment which give young people the tools to be a little better tomorrow.


Positive relationships between people, families and communities matter. Unity and common purpose is the key.


We are that helping hand, shaping better futures by connecting young people to all dimensions of wellness.


It's importance for us to support local communities through charitable work to help foster wellbeing.