We have teamed up with Yogarise Peckham to bring more yoga and mindfulness to teenagers in Peckham and around the borough of Southwark. We will run monthly adult events from their studio space in the Bussey Building every month to fundraise for the work we are doing.    

Join us for our first fundraiser event. We have a full day and evening of yoga classes taking place in the gorgeous studio 2 space. From soothing and gentle to more dynamic and energetic flows, we have something for everyone. Come for 1 class, 2 or even a few!


Yoga Love S

aturday 28th April


Yoga Day Fundraiser

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This event is sponsored by Emily Crips


Hip Hop Yoga

11.45am - 12.45pm with Tameka Small


£15.00 Suitable for all levels

A Vinyasa flow to hip hop beats. 


Well Women's Yoga & Yoga Nidra


1.30pm - 3.00pm with Cecilia Allon


£15.00 Suitable for all levels, women only.

A nourishing and nurturing space for woman at all stages of life to connect with themselves and sit in a circle of support with other women. This session will include deep relaxation in the form of yoga nidra, restorative yoga and delicious, flowing and nourishing movement practices with mudras (hand gestures to direct energy flow). Come along and replenish your vitality.


Teen Yoga Donation Class

4.00pm - 5.00pm with Kamlyn Chak


Donation class   Suitable for teens aged 12 - 17

Being a teenager is a time of remarkable change and transition. Having a regular yoga practice to support this can be invaluable. From helping with managing anxiety and stress, to providing a safe, non-competitive space to just be and express yourself. Yoga is valuable life skill which provides us with many tools to navigate the ups and downs that we all encounter.

In this class we will be exploring some basic asanas and breath work, doing some fun partner and group work and finishing with a lovely deep relaxation.


Sound Meditation & Yoga


5.30pm - 6.30pm with Dirish Shaktidas


£15.00 Suitable for all

Raise your awareness and consciousness with the energy of sound meditation and yoga. 

In this 60-minute sound healing meditation class, we will be using different sound vibrations as a tool to release tension in the body and ease the mind. It includes vocal meditation, breathing exercises and light yoga. 

This is a great opportunity to experience a deep state of relaxation, balanced chakra energy, improved circulation and mental clarity boost. 


Disco Yoga

7.30pm - 9.00pm with Fraggle Jury


£15.00 Suitable for all levels

Disco Yoga® is inspired by a new generation of 'mindful drinkers' as well as those who simply want fitness to be fun and uplifting! It's for people who love to train hard and party hard, disco lovers, yoga aficionados and first timers looking for a new way to unwind and socialise! Disco Yoga® will get you moving, dancing, laughing, chatting and connecting.     

Class starts with the option to "Glitter Up" at the glitter station before taking place on a Disco Yoga® mat - no need to bring one. Blissful, energising sequences to a glorious mix of disco classics will rejuvenate your mind, body, soul, reboot your body and take you to Boogie Wonderland.